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Your Home Electronics Provider

Since 2005 SSS have been providing a diverse range of customized electronic solutions to a range of projects. Systems include, alarm systems, CCTV systems, access control, electronic fencing, landscape lighting, intercom systems, home automation and more. The company has two offices serving Thailand, one in Hua Hin and the other in Phuket. In Cambodia the SSS office is based in the capital city of Phnom Penh.

Over the years SSS have been fortunate to work on some of Asia's most prestigious multi-million dollar homes, high end residential developments and a myriad of business' including offices, shops, restaurants and 5 star hotels. We work closely with home owners, business owners, developers, builders, site managers and architects.

When selecting our products we prefer to choose quality over price. This ensures a better performance with less hassles. This has proved to be a winning formula for us over the years.


Alarm Systems

100% Australian designed and made security systems. Tough and reliable, they are able to with stand the rigours of the tropical climate that we experience here. We have proved time and time again that for home security in Asia an alarm system is one of the best defenses....

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Landscape Lighting

Create a new dimension to your garden at night. Not only can we provide your home with a stunning lighting system to add attractiveness and value to your property. Our low voltage lighting systems benefit from reduced running costs and are low maintenance....

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Perimeter e-fence

Electronic security fencing is the No.1 product to prevent intruders from entering areas where they are not wanted. Their presence has been found to be not only an effective physical but also a psychological barrier while at the same time very unobtrusive....

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