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About Us

SSS are a team of experienced Thai/English individuals with a passion for electronics and new technology. Specialists in design, supply and installation of customised electronic systems throughout Thailand and Cambodia. Main clients are exclusive private luxury villas, 5 star resorts and a wide range of business. Our products are imported from specialist manufacturers from around the globe. A key emphasis is placed on product design and reliability. Over the years we have formed valuable relationships with respected suppliers in countries such as, Australia, South Africa, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the USA.

All staff are trained on the principles of clean work. We make sure that the correct use of conduits, connectors, cabling and sheathing is specified for each job.

You can expect our team to be friendly, helpful, courteous, clean and polite.


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Drop us a line and one of our team will contact you and assist you further with your enquiry. Be sure to give us as much information as possible including your address details & the current state of your project.

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