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Alarm Systems


It has been proved on a number of occasions that an alarm system is a key component in any properties security plan. We have many first hand accounts of instances whereby an intruder has entered a property and then quickly left the scene empty handed when an alarm has been triggered. Currently there are many alarm systems available on the market. However as with many electronic systems some alarms seem to perish due to climate conditions and fluctuating power supply/electrical power surges we seem to frequently encounter here in Thailand. For this reason we only use and recommend NESS alarm panels. NESS panels are 100% Australian made and designed. They have proved themselves to be ultra reliable and tough enough to cope with Thailand's demanding conditions. We have been installing NESS for over 10 years!

Ness alarm systems can be hardwired, wireless or a combination of the two. Its worth noting that all systems even wireless systems will have some hardwired element to them.
Therefore when planning a security system into a construction project. It really pays to get your security company in at the very early stages of construction if possible.

Camera Systems

Nowadays there are a myriad of manufactures supplying a diverse range of CCTV products to the world. Prices of such products can vary greatly which often leads to great confusion for people looking to purchase such equipment....

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Perimeter e-fence

Electronic security fencing is the No.1 product to prevent intruders from entering areas where they are not wanted. Their presence has been found to be not only an effective physical but also a psychological barrier while at the same time very unobtrusive....

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Lighting Control

Control any light or group of lights from any light switch location in your home or from anywhere using iPad and iPhone. Create some scenarios for different moods or occasions, we put the power to control your homes lighting at your fingertips.

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