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A-touch Automation

Our A-touch home automation combines design, style and comfort for you and your home. It integrates your homes multi controlled systems including Lighting, Curtains, Blinds Power Outlets Air Conditioning, Audio, Security and more. Imagine arriving home and with a single touch on a keypad of your choice, the curtains automatically open, the air-conditioning switches on and your favorite radio station starts to play in the background.

Or perhaps you are out with your friends and you decide to invite everyone over for that important game. Simply log in via your smartphone app and turn on the air-conditioning so the rooms can start to cool before your guests arrive.

Flexible and versatile, with easy end user programming you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Alarm Systems

100% Australian designed and made security systems. Tough and reliable, they are able to with stand the rigours of the tropical climate that we experience here. We have proved time and time again that for home security in Asia an alarm system is one of the best defenses...

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Camera Systems

Nowadays there are a myriad of manufactures supplying a diverse range of CCTV products to the world. Prices of such products can vary greatly which often leads to great confusion for people looking to purchase such equipment....

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Perimeter e-fence

Electronic security fencing is the No. 1 product to prevent intruders from entering areas where they are really not wanted. Their presence has been found to be not only an effective physical but also a psychological barrier while at the same time very unobtrusive....

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