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Camera Systems

Nowadays there are a myriad of manufactures supplying a diverse range of CCTV products to the world. Prices of such products can vary greatly which often leads to great confusion for people looking to purchase such equipment. However as the old adage says, you get what you pay for! Many of our Phuket customers often say that they want to record sharp facial images and at the same time cover a large area for general surveillance. This can be done, however it would require an operator to control a PZT (pan, zoom and tilt camera) in order to zoom up and obtain a clear facial shot And at the same time zoom back out again see the overall area. This is cost prohibitive for most, and is of course reliant on a human being at the controls. The best way to obtain clear facial shots is simply to locate cameras in areas that have a limited area of passage i.e. a hallway or doorway. At the same time a camera positioned in this way is not going to have a large viewing area, but you can’t have it all ways. 

Most cameras are linked to DVR’s (digital video recorders) these are the devices that record what the camera sees. This data is normally stored on a hard disk so that it can be reviewed at a later date and used for evidence. DVR’s come in different sizes 4/8/9/16 or 32 channels depending on the amount of cameras to be used. Nearly all DVR units are network compatible which allows users to view cameras over the internet from anywhere in the world.

IP Cameras are proving to be more popular nowadays as they can be used independently of a DVR unit and instead can use an existing computers hardrive to record information if required. Generally the picture quality when viewed over the internet is of superior due to the compression methods used. They also have the capability of viewing multiple cameras from multiple locations in one computer application. So for example we can have 2 cams in our Bangkok office, 1 in the London office and 1 here in Phuket and I can view them all simultaneously on my PC’s monitoring program application. These are great, however for people who are not to computer savvy I wouldn’t recommend them. Instead you can now have a plug and play version that works on the same principle but without all the techy knowledge required (Port forwarding/ DYNDNS set up/ IP Configuration ECT).

People must remember that generally speaking, CCTV does have its limitations. You can’t expect Hollywood style replication of images without spending a fortune on very high-end equipment and lighting.

Saying that, there are some very decent cameras around that offer high-resolution pictures often with infra-red (night vision) capabilities. Again the amount available here in Phuket seems endless. Different models offer differing infrared operational distances with different CCD chips and lenses with optional zoom and focus capabilities. Therefore its always best to consult with a specialist to find out which set up is best for your specific needs.

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