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12 Volt LED Landscape Lighting

Create a new dimension to your garden at night. Not only can we provide your home with a stunning LED lighting system to add attractiveness and value to your property. Our low voltage LED landscape lighting systems benefit from reduced running costs and are low maintenance, but more importantly, much safer for the garden. To often we come across sub-standard light fittings that have become corroded, full of water and connected to 220 Volts AC. This can be dangerous, In serious cases, injury and fatalities have been the result. Our garden lighting systems eliminate the need for mains power in an outdoor environment making it safer for pets, kids, family, friends and workers. At the same time will show off your gardens maximum potential that will be the envy of all your friends.

A-touch Automation

Our A-touch home automation combines design, style and comfort for you and your home. It integrates your homes multi controlled systems including Lighting, Curtains, Blinds Power Outlets Air Conditioning, Audio, Security and more... 

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Alarm Systems

100% Australian designed and made security systems. Tough and reliable, they are able to with stand the rigours of the tropical climate that we experience here. We have proved time and time again that for home security in Asia an alarm system is one of the best defenses...

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Camera Systems

Nowadays there are a myriad of manufactures supplying a diverse range of CCTV products to the world. Prices of such products can vary greatly which often leads to great confusion for people looking to purchase such equipment....

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