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Lighting Control

With our A-touch lighting control system you can switch on any light in your home from any touch panel and you switch off all the lights with a single touch. For example, we can program that with a single touch of the touch panel near the entrance door that all common area lighting turns on. In the same way we can program an all off key in the bedroom. This saves time and household energy by switching off unnecessary lights with ease. Scenarios can be programmed to optimise lighting at certain times or in certain ways to add comfort to your home, reduce unnecessary lighting and reduce energy costs. For added convenience all lighting can be controlled remotely via iPad or smartphone.

Multi-room Audio

The simplest way to listen to all of your music all over your home. Nuvo audio systems are the perfect solution for anyone looking to build an ultra modern, easy to use, high-tech music system into their home. Simply dock your iPod into the Nuvo docking stations....

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Landscape Lighting

Create a new dimension to your garden at night. Not only can we provide your home with a stunning lighting system to add attractiveness and value to your property. Our low voltage lighting systems benefit from reduced running costs and are low maintenance....

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A-touch Automation

Our A-touch home automation combines design, style and comfort for you and your home. It integrates your homes multi controlled systems including Lighting, Curtains, Blinds Power Outlets Air Conditioning, Audio, Security and more... 

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